Flight Nurses Australia Scholarship

Every year, Flight Nurses Australia open applications for the Kaye Melmeth Grant.

About Kaye Melmeth

Kaye worked so hard and dedicated 28 years of service to NSW Air Ambulance to make it the magnificent organisation it is today.

As the longest-serving flight nurse for NSW Air Ambulance, her role within the organisation became a benchmark her colleagues could only strive to achieve.

A senior flight nurse, she was responsible for providing nursing care while transporting thousands of patients, ranging from babies to adults, to hospitals across the state.

She was instrumental in establishing national standards for flight nurses and helped set up an aviation medicine nursing course through the University of South Australia.

Her commitment to excellence in education and service to her profession has left behind a legacy for flight nurses and aero-medical transport to continue her great work.

It is for these reasons that we have dedicated this grant in her honour.

We invite Flight Nurses Australia financial members to support attendance at an International  or Domestic Conference or a recognised external Professional Development Course that has relevance to Flight Nursing and Midwifery provision. Flight Nurses Australia are now inviting Financial members to apply for the 2024 Kaye Melmeth grant. A copy of the 2024 Kaye Melmeth Grant guidelines and application forms have been emailed to financial members.

Please Note:
The value of the Kaye Melmeth grant varies each year and the grant may be awarded to more than one applicant.