Industry Conferences


2024 AEROMED – Aeromedical Society of Australasia (ASA) and Flight Nurses Australia (FNA)
A multi-disciplinary Aeromedical industry conference held annually at different locations. New Zealand conference in conjunction with the College of Air and Surface Transport Nurses (COASTN) New Zealand. We are excited to announce the 2024 conference is to be held in the beautiful Christchurch - New Zealand!. Stay tuned for exciting updates.

2023 COASTN Symposium – Soaring to Clearer Skies: Recovery and Resilience

Napier, New Zealand

23rd and 24th November 2023

Critical Care Conferences

PAC Conference : Advanced Paediatric Life Support

Don’t Forget The Bubbles Annual Conference 

Australian College of Critical Care Nurses: Conferences and Seminars

Australia College of Nurse Practitioners National Conference

SWAN 2024: Trauma, Critical Care and Emergency Surgery Conference

International Conference for Emergency Nurses (CENA)

Australian Tactical Medicine Conference